Wednesday, April 23, 2008

[[Costume Jewelry]]

Its no secret that i have the passion for handmade jewelry.....and i meant it as making my own jewelry and not just buying them. I like to look around for inspirations to create my own designs....but jewelry beading is very time consuming and not to mention...costly too. Therefore i will be absolutely delighted if i see gorgeous jewelry that is cheap because being a beader means that i KNOW how hard it is to achieve certain designs and so the money that i paid for is well worth the penny. is a new online costume fashion jewelry site. I've browsed through the collection and i must say that i did find some that i absolutely fancy! Plus it is ridiculously cheap too!!

For eg. these Faux pearl neclace set is only $6.99!!!!

and this one at $9.99 only. So elegant! I can picture wearing this to a wedding dinner.

This Faceted Heart and Beads Necklace and Earring Set at only $8.99

A more elaborate piece like this one will cost more. $24.99.

If you like fashion rings.... I saw a few that caught my this one

and this one....which is vintage inspired.

Earring lovers should check out their trendy earrings as it is so cheap and nice.
this only cost $4.99!!

Really really cheap! And i think it will make great gifts as a Mother's day present for the coming month. I mean, you don't have to spend a bomb to get a gorgeous set. For those tight on the budget....perhaps this can work for you.


Anonymous said...

I still got those lovely pair of earrings you sent me.

I looked after them with tender loving care. :)

Mumsgather said...

Oh, you're really bad to tempt me like this. Hahaha.

Gracie said...

Oh i love the trendy earings! I have a similar one which I bought during my recent trip to Honolulu.