Monday, April 21, 2008

Coach Limited Edition Perfume

This original, classically inspired fragrance has a unique blend of soft florals combined with amber, vanilla and precious woods. Together they capture the distinctive style that is exclusively Coach.
  • Limited Edition etched glass bottle with a new multi color Signature pattern
  • Same great scent as the original Coach fragrance
  • Iconic Coach lozenge shaped bottle top
  • Accented with a miniature rhinestone encrusted hangtag
  • Presented in a chic multi color Signature patterned box
  • 1.7 oz. perfume spray
  • The Coach fragrance is a perfume spray or eau de parfum, which has a higher fragrance concentration than an eau de toilette or eau de cologne. This enables our fragrance’s scent to last or stay with you longer.
  • Available exclusively in Coach stores and on
  • Limited quantities available

  • I wonder how does this coach limited edition perfume smell like! i'm sooo curious. Is it nice? Anybody tried it?
    The bottle kinda resembles my Raulph Lauren Romance in which i adore very much.


    Tine said...

    Okay, EEEEUUUUUUWWWW to the design of the bottle!! Seriously they should just stick to the bags. Breaking into the cosmetics range is just trying too hard.

    Anonymous said...

    tine: the color abit ugly hor? but im curious about the smell. actually, coach have other line of stuffs aside frm the famous bags.

    Anonymous said...

    it doesn't look like it will smell nice...

    Anonymous said...

    I recently bought this! Actually just got it today from my colleague who went to the USA. They only sell this in the US and Japan. I asked the coach here in MY.
    Smell is nice. I like. Not too strong but nice. I actually first smelled it after a colleague gave me a coach booklet which had a sample in there. Then i realized i needed to get it.

    MickaylaC said...

    i absulutely love the smell of this parfume it isnt too stong but it has a crisp smell to it.