Saturday, April 19, 2008

Elianto Blusher

I was looking for a bronze blusher. Especially the other day when i was at the body shop i was totally looking for a blusher of a bronze tone. But no luck!! I'm glad i did not purchase anything because i totally found THE bronze blusher i was looking for at the Elianto pushcart!

Happy is me when the price of this baby is only RM18!!! And the color is incredible. I wanted to achieve the bronze/gold kinda nude make-up, and i find that this color is perfect. It gives out a hint of pink and not just gold. Its perfect perfect perfect. I'm very happy with it.
Plus i was told that this can be worn dry and wet. I've never tried to wet it before but you can!!!
I think its awesome. The price is great and they have many other colors to choose from too.

I was told that this bronze color run out pretty fast. I'm glad that i manage to grab hold of it.
I truely love the color so i've been using it daily! :o)


Anonymous said...

really tht cool? i think jessie has a similar one in pink, or is it the same as yours? wats yr skintone?

Fashionasia said...

prettybeautiful: yaya!!jessie did a review on it before...but i think its of a different color. My skintone is medium. Not fair...i always thought im on the darker tone but some ppl say im fair. So i'm medium foundation color is usually nude or medium.

Anonymous said...


Tine said...

I've never tried the baked stuff from Elianto, although I have heard a lot of good stuff about it. Will definitely stock up when I'm back in M'sia ;)

Jo said...

because of your influence hor, i have bought a basket load of elianto stuff...

eye cream which has a lovely light texture, the jojoba hair serum has a nice nice scent and it's not heavy on the hair either, something like Dove's leave in conditioner, unlike Pantene..

Then I bought the eye liner, and eye shadows (so cheap!) and their box which can hold a palette of 4 colours, and their nail varnish (so cheap cheap!) and then I also got a lip gloss..I have to tell you this, there's something in there.. I have been suffering from a dry upper lip for many months now and no lip balm helped... after just using this lip gloss a few times, I don't feel the dryness anymore. it is now the same softness and my lower lip. Weird hor.. it's like my problem has been solved overnight! o_O

I do think their products are good,and value for money.

Anonymous said...

tine: ya come back n stock up! they r very very cheap n worth it lo.

jomel: hehehe...sorry to influence u but then im an advocate for cheap n good stuffs!! Elianto is great...its affordable(considerably cheap) but not compromising on quality. They r made in korea u know. I love the shampoo have u tried? i use the one that smell like daisy.