Thursday, April 24, 2008

Makeup Wedges

These makeup wedges are from bobbi brown.
But of course, there are plenty of these wedges around in beauty stores.

When i first learn how to make-up(the proper professional ones), i was introduced to this wedge.
It was the first time I see such a thing....and then learn how to use them.

But over the years, i've forgotten about them and I used my fingers most of the time to apply my foundation. I guess i feel that since those liquid foundation are so expensive, it should not be wasted, and having a sponge soaking them would be such a waste! Might as well spread all of them using my fingers and thus stretching the little bottle longer.

But recently i have gotten back to using a sponge to apply my foundation again. And one thing i realize is that the foundation is spread out more evenly and my face actually look much nicer and flawless when applied foundation with a sponge!! hehe.......silly me for using my fingers all along!

How do you put on your foundation?

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Tine said...

Before mineral makeup, I was using MAC's Studio Fix Fluid. I originally used my fingers to apply, but switched to wedges because they look better after application compared to wedges. What I'd do was to apply 5 "dots" of foundation on my face - both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, and spread it out with my fingers. After evenly spreading the foundation over my skin, then I used the wedge to even it out. This way, I don't waste much foundation on the wedge by spreading it out right after I put it on :)