Saturday, July 01, 2006

Loreal Elseve Shampoo and Conditioner (New)-Nutri-Gloss

I finished my Vo5 shampoo for quite sometime already, after that I went back to Sunsilk (Pink).
However, i've realized that my hair began to drop more since I've changed shampoo so I thought of going back to get vo5 again.

So 3 days ago I was in 1Utama having dinner with hubby, while he ordered, i quickly dashed to Watsons to find my Vo5 shampoo. I quickly took the 2 bottles (1 shampoo and 1 conditioner), but before I could turn away, i spoted this. Loreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss. The new one in pink. I was instantly tempted to try it out since i've heard quite good reviews regarding Loreal elseve shampoos. And also since they were giving out a FREE compact mirror if i buy 2 bottles, in which i would anyway(i usually buy shampoo coupled with the conditioner), I gave it a shot and bought myself the smallest bottle I can find (which is quite big also laa).

Been using the shampoo for the past 3 days and well...........

it is quite a let down.
Firstly, The shampoo doesn't smell very nice. To me, I'm very particular with the scent of a shampoo. I will only buy a shampoo if it smells nice because if the lingering smell they leave on your hair. My hair MUST smell good. The Pink Elseve doesnt smell very nice....:P However i was expecting the conditioner to smell the same though I thought the conditioner smells much nicer than the shampoo. Well, at least the bathing ritual says end it with the conditioner.

Secondly, it promise to leave your hair looking Shiny and Soft to touch - "like cashmere" so they say.
I'm not sure what it means but i was expecting a silky smooth hair to the touch. But for the past 2 days, My hair felt funny, felt rough and as though something is stuck to the hair. Innitially I thought I didn't rinse enough at that I probably had some of it on my hair but after a couple of careful washes, It still felt the same! I just don't understand why. My hair is naturally soft and straight. I've never experience my hair feeling this way before. Frankly its kinda yucky.

I wouldnt be buying this again for sure.
Anyhow to be fair to Loreal, a friend of mine was all praises for the Elseve (RED) for colored hair as well as the Orange one. Soooooo, i might try out those in the future.

PS. I wrote the above review few days ago but decided not to publish it yet untill I used it a few more days to confirm my finding. And yup, true enough I still have this funny coarse feel to my hair. I just don't like it. So i'm publishing my review today. Anyone used this product and find it good?? You're welcome to share with me here.....perhaps its just not suitable for my hairtype?

PPS. I don't know why the product is called ELVIVE in UK but ELSEVE here?

PPPS. I'm still a sucker for all things in pretty packaging. I never learn don't I ?? :>


Anonymous said...

I'm using Shwarzkopf at the moment - smells nice and works for me :)

u shld try it too!

Fashionasia said...

okay!! will long as it doesnt cost me a bomb

Arena Green said...

You want really soft and smooth hair after washing? Try New Rejoice Silky Conditioner. I've not yet found one that can rival it!!

Dunno abt the shampoo though.

irenekay said...

For Nice smell.... i would recommend that Sunsilk watermelon thingy..... only tried once, so cant comment on the after texture......
The orange and red elseve, OK la.... supposed to be anti frizz( orange) but no diff on my hair ( i used together with the serum too). Maybe my hair a lil toooo stubborn.

Anonymous said...

the only anti frizz shampoo that really worked on my hair was redken smooth down.

That sunsilk dunno with what stupid yoghurt made my hair super coarse man! And L'oreal Elseve Red one...tried it...oklah...but I find the shampoos abit too dry for my liking. I like VO5 treatments.

Fashionasia said...

AM: havent tried rejoice but thanks for your sharing! :>

irenek: ooo...ive tried the watermelon thingy! the scalp feels cool n tingling too thereafter!

skay: redken huh?...tried keratise?? supposedly kinda popular in the US. ditto n vo5 treatment. Leaves my hair feeling great all the time.

Anonymous said...

I've already tried this shampoo and like you, my hair felt like if something was stuck to it too... because of the silicone there is, I think...=/
In fact, I'm using a Dove shampoo, in France, it's "Dove - Lisse et soyeux" and the results on my hair are not bad!^^

P.S: My blog is named 'FashionAsia' too ^^ ~>

pj said...

i love vo5.. especially the hot oil treatment..

but i do like elseve range.. havent tried the pink one though

Fashionasia said...

hi simply! Dove is a great product. I use them too. I love the shower cream.
Great blog! too bad I cant understand french!

Ava: Ya! the vo5 1 minute wonder thingy is great!!!

pj said...

try the vo5 hot oil - tht one that doesnt need to preheat

Anonymous said...

hey! I fell in love with this shampoo and conditioner when I lived in France. I am a shampoo junkie and what thoroughly shocked at how well the nutri-gloss works, in giving me gorgeous super shiny silky hair. Im just waiting until its available in Canada. My hair is long and highlighted (ie dry) and this shampoo is schweeto!

Anonymous said...

my hair WAS long & highlighted but I cut it much shorter last sunday :) I've used elseve nutri-gloss when it was long (and i still do) and i find its really good to my hair. i used to use A LOT of different shampoos but none of them really worked, except pantene, vidal sassoon & dove (but i had to use a lot of conditioner) and i'm kinda going off topic here but when I used tresseme it SUCKED. anyway now i'm using elseve and its really really good on my hair, its silky and soft and moisturized. :) yay for elseve! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi, I juz bought the Pink series too, and got the same "sticky" results on my hair! Very unhappy now cuz' was hoping it will work wonders as described. I've also bought its hair mask n hair fragrance, nt sure if its gd or nt..prayin hard..

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have used the red color, then switched to the pink just recently. After 5 washes with the pink, i am ready to dump it away. My hair was shockingly dry and then terribly limp within 24 hours. As you said, it does not smell too good and it leaves a peculiar finishing on the hair.
The red was much better. You can see your highlights really smooth, glossy, and 'highlighted'. Not great in the smell department either though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fashionasia...

I've been using Elseve Nutri-gloss for about a few months now.

the shampoo smells nice.. it seriously is.. the after-smell lasts as well...

the conditioner is a sucker for conditioner.its a MUST item after shampoo.i love how soft and silky it made my hair feels.Once my hair dries, it does look shiny.

i just got the new Daily rise treatment and the serum today. i cant wait to try it when i get home.. i'm thinking of getting the hair mask to use at the end of the week and also that hair spray..

Seriously.. it works. i was skeptical of trying it in the first place.. but then again... you never know once u tried. and im glad i did. cos it works.

I have a natural straight hair. but i've permed, rebonded and permed my hair before. now i'm letting it grow.. my hair is touching braline. and its going back to my natural type. straight and a bit wavy towards the ends cos i layered my hair about a month ago.

Anyway, you cant just dismiss the product after using it a couple of times. you should use is constantly, continuously for like a couple of weeks or a month. Also, surrounding temperature plays a part. if you're always in an air-con room, your hair tends to dry easily. thus, a leave in conditioner helps to restore moisture and helps repair your hair, especially the ends. Seriously, you have to take good care of your ends so as to take care of your hair. once your ends is too dry, you'll notice that your hair tends to be drier... from my experience.. thus, im taking good care of my hair now and well hopefully you've done the same :-)

Arachne said...

i also tried the pink one, and it made my scalp itchy. i thought i must not have rinsed it off too well so i stuck with it for a couple more days making sure i rinsed really well. last night, it got really bad, i didn't sleep very well because of the itching so i stopped using it today.

take note, my brother also experienced the same. but my mom and sister didn't. so, this could just be due to sensitive skin.

Anonymous said...

I had this unfavorable result with a Pantene product, just one variety. I called Pantene and had a very informative conversation with their employee. We all have different chemistry which means different hair. Summary, it might be great, just not for you. Call the company and learn something or just pass it along to a friend and try another. Pantene also sent me a coupon for a free product so it was well worth my call.