Saturday, July 08, 2006

MyKad ,Your card.....whats the big deal?

Whats the big deal about having MyKad with you 24/7 that is worth RM3,000 to RM20,000 penalty??

Malaysian government are really good at making a big deal out of the most miniscule and ridiculous thing in the entire system. Now I try my best not to be the Little-Miss-Whiny-Malaysian but sometimes I get very frustrated reading the papers. I hardly buy any nowadays, I only choose what I want to read from Which is now my source of local news.

Kudos to the Fomca secretary-general Mohd Sha’ani Abdullah whom expressed that the requirement to have your MyKad with you at all times is outdated and too rigid. I agree so too. We are way ahead of the communist era. And besides, the cops should not impose penalty to the public for their own incompetencey. I mean, we are in the year 2006 already! You should really be carrying a small little device that will be able to check our identity through biometricc-fingerprinting device or something. We are in our own home-country, although I have been carrying my IC everywhere I go ever since I got my first when I was 12. Hey, we were indoctrinated that if we don't have em when the authority asked for it, we will be shipped back to china in a flash! darn those old folks lies.

Anyway, since it is the law that we should carry our IC at all times, i'm not trying to change it. However, the penalty is outrageouss. If i happen to go skinny dipping in the sea or something, where should I tug my IC??!! OK thats just a hypothetical scenario but lets just say what if.... ..then the policemen can arrest me and threaten to fine me for RM3000 or just pay him a bribe or kopi money of RM500 lah??

Seriously, what is so serious about the offense of not bringing an Identify card everywhere?? Have we thought about "what will we improve and what will be accomplished if each and every Malaysian abide by this law and carry MyKad everywhere at all times?" Will this bring significant improvement to the nation?? I say probably yes, but very very very little.

Now, what I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE implemented is RM100 fine per rubbish thrown in the streets. Yes I will totally approve and support the establishment of a fine for littering. 100% Support!!!
As much as i love Malaysians, we can be really ugly at times. I absolutely cannot tolerate litter-bugs!! ARggghh...
And when i'm driving, and the driver of the car infront of me just throw something out of the totally spoils my day.... Worst still are spitters!! yucks!! Malaysian drivers like to spit out of the car. EEwwwwee rite?
Absolutely,contaminatee the air of your germs only. I say fine them Fine Fine Fine!!! RM250 per Spit!
So if this law would be implemented in Malaysia, Would it bring about any significant achievement for the country? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Would probably make us as clean as Singapore. Would we all want a clean, lesspollutedd and fresh country? Yup! So I rest my case. No fine for MyKad, fine for Litter-bugs!

Malaysia Boleh!


PP said...

Fully 2nd your proposal to fine litter-bugs!! As well as queue-jumpers. :p

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! Fine for Litter-bugs! :)

Ianfluenza said...

Send the spitters and litter bugs to doing community service by cleaning spits and picking up litters... Although we will still get away with a couple of bribes, unfortunately, at least the penalty stands a better chance to ensure a cleaner environment, instead of just passing the dollar.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a massive increase in immigrants...dats why and it makes Msians more responsible at the same time. But I have to say that the fine is outrageously high and after I read the papers today, the fine for losing a card is the same too. Crazy. It's quite unfair u know. I mean, you want ppl to bring the card out. Fine. But if they lose the card, the fine is so bloody hefty. Then again, a lot of Msians have reported missing card with the excuse of it being stolen. You know most of them are just plain excuses. We just need to be kicked to be more responsible but not this way lah.