Friday, April 14, 2006

Water Under The Bridge

Is a face a face without a nose?
Is a nose a nose without a bridge?

Water under the bridge so they say.
Bridge? What bridge?


shawnchin said...

.. i'm a reader a reader without a clue.

Fashionasia said...

my friend my friend.
this blog mayhaps be of interest to u.
clue to my puzzled post.
burn the bridges i'd say.

Fashionasia said...

oh and be warned. its rather addictive.... like a good book the desi code is.

chong y l said...


how much is your CONmiss...?

now you're my PRO ... strictly without the Ass!
serriiouuusssS, wanna S-witch lane, ah? Lois, or Loi, loi loi trnsalted as cCome, come, come ...Fry with me! Chinaman for Superman "fly" since da Bridge that was there had been taken by David Copper to HIS field.:) ENJOY!

"Able was I ere I saw Elba" from a Li'l Napoleon...GalApril 15, 200S'X!

chong y l said...

Congrats Mui Mui:

You're a true cuntvert, cunning and pervert, ooops, i mean subvert.
I'll DHL one kontenaload of Haridas tehtarik. Just don pull my legs too hard -- Napoloen is already to short even on Hi heels!

chong y l said...


I belatedly read your April 5, 2006 post on your poor Snatch Theft experience --- left a PS there.

Do I have to stand at helen's ( corner for such "late" MISSbehaviour? Miss-ing the deadline request?

caffeinated said...

okay..i have decided that this post makes no sense. :)

the tormented

Fashionasia said...

HAHA ...looks like i fail miserably....blame it on desi...he started it!!! only that he is good at it la...

haha...end of my poetry attempts. Its back to talking fashion beybeh...

eeeii...Torment!!! u are back?? where have u beeen??!!

caffeinated said...

miss me leh.

ive been to paradise, then to hell, and now im somewhere in between

Darren said...

Fuh.. what you talking?