Sunday, April 16, 2006

Scenic bridge is falling down, falling down...falling down.....

yohhh..... you all dunno how to menghayati my parables wan!!
everyone comprain wat-tok-you...

haha.....okok.....sorry i got carried away wat with all the talk about Mr.J.C this weekend i guess i just became too in character that i... .....started writing in parables.

My previous post was intended to express my somewhat confused-ness about the current build-a-bridge-dont-build-a-bridge issue between Malaysia and Singapore. you all got read newspaper or not lei?
somemore stories today


OKla, i'll quit crapping now....more fashion news from now on....i promise.

PS: have u guys ever heard of LA Gear before?? Just got back with 3 bag full of LA GEAR loot. Got a totally cool white+blue+yellow sneakers at only...RM30!!!!! what a steal. and 2 bags. Casual n fun....all at 50%.

Ms.Fashionasia is hap hap happy!!! *hic*

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