Monday, April 17, 2006

Expression T-Shirts! I love em!!

I really like witty wordy T-shirts I don't know why, it just puts a smile on my face, or perhaps it opens up opportunity for conversations with total strangers. heh......

Was shopping recently i cant remember was it at FOS or Rejectshop but i saw this baby-T that i almost get because of the words on it.

It reads " Watch your step, you might fall for me"
hehehe......i thought it is smart n witty .....
oh and there's another one.... "Think Single"
hehe.....anyway i didnt get it in the end because I thought the hubby might not like it. :>
But seriously expression T-shirts are akin to bumper stickers, causes people to check-you out. I think its fun and single men or women should get them. They're cool. Wearing them is like screaming hey look no futher, im here and i know you want me!

Was over at Beverly's site and was introduced to SnobWear

These are some that i really like :

Love love love it!!! Now where can i get these in Malaysia????
hm....i saw something over at F.O.S that goes something like "Voted best kisser by your boyfriend" <----er dont really like this type though. Too slutty.


Reta said...

i have two; one that says "Will work for shoes"

and the other is "If you're loaded I'm single"

I had my angmoh friend taking out his slippers and passing it to me much to my amusement then realising it was coz of my shirt i was wearing hahahaha. scare me only...

spiller said...

if u're buying a few, try get it online, much cheaper.

or else try Sg Wang or Times Square, but it's more towards youngsters.

Anonymous said...

I like 'em too. Why wear a plain shirt when you can have one that speaks for itself, eh? I make my own customized tops, bags, even shoes LOL.

Lisajoehari said...

they used to be available at miss selfridge and topshop but a friend of mine who used to work there sid that they have stopped ordering t-shirts like those.

wonder why...

but nowadays u can just design it on your own, save it in your thumbdrive and print it out at sg wang. only for $35. hehe

Anonymous said...

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