Friday, April 14, 2006

Clinique Moisture Sheer Lipstick SPF 15

Friday is a day where I normally dress down to the minimum. Semi-Casual I'd say as our company do not practice Casual Friday like we use to in the past due to some recent management decision.

However, semi-casual is acceptable. I guess as long as we're not wearing jeans.
I like to dress up for Friday. Perhaps dress-down is more apt in this context. My friday dresscodes are usually like this. Entirely depending on howmuch time I have and what time i wake-up. :>

If i wake-up real early, I like to wear slip on dresses. 1 piece, flirtly skirts, or flowery. Semi-casual, if need be, just put on a blazer and you look chic n formal.

If i wake-up late late late....I'll just grab the company-T and put on my casual slacks or draw-string pants. I like my 3/4 gaucho pants from Urban&Co. Its pinstrip formal designs on a gaucho makes it acceptable as formal but yet still can look casual at the same time.

Sometimes i do feel like covering my legs. hehe....over expose is not
good!! especially when u know its time for *cough*shaving*cough*..... Then i'll just put on a cotton top, matched with either my long wrap-around batik skirt or my long gypsy skirts. I love it cos you feel very comfortable in them, unlike the usual powersuites you wear on the rest of the days.

Ok now i think im straying off topic. hehe...If u see my title, i'm suppose to talk about my Clinique lipstick.
Well, this one is my favourite Friday lippy. Why izzit a friday lippy? Well cos normally the make-up stays at a minimum on Fridays for me. Sometimes i even skip the blush altogether. My friday lippy are normally Nude colors. Like in this case its called "Pi
nk charm". au'naturale color with a tint of pink.

I'd recommend this lippy because I totally like the feel of it on the lips, plus the SPF15 makes it even more covetable as a lipbase. Protecting your lips frm the blazing sun. The slim n slick design is great as it can fit into the tiniest purse.

This is my clinique lipstick.
Been using this for like 3-4 years already! I'm suprised it havent reach the end yet. :>

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Otto said...

Ah so now I know which lippie to try the next time I have a lippie buying itch =)