Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Incompetent Imbecile

Incompetent Imbecile
Incompetent Imbecile
Incompetent Imbecile
Incompetent Imbecile
Incompetent Imbecile

I don't know why but i have these words ringing in my head.
No, its not the exact words used, though I do feel that these words are at the tip of his tounge.
I couldnt sleep for the pass few days, i guess just felt useless.......

It was a holiday yesterday, thank god (pardon the pun) for that! i really needed it.
I wasnt even aware of the holiday untill monday ........seee i work so hard i don't even noticed the holiday??? i guess sometimes sacrifices is just not enough. Money Talks. Period. And being in the sales line, $$$$$ is your lifeline, figure(as in number not your body shape) is the last thread of hope. Its tiring when the product is not selling like it use to and its not helping that opensource being free sprouting everywhere. We do have numbers but the boss have bigger numbers in mind. he have a great appetite. You know la typical chinamen.

I think i want to retire from sales. i'd like to do something more into PR and Communications. Wouldnt that be nice? Liase with media, keep the smiles, write speechess....hey I can do that. Best of all, performance is not measured by numbers.

sniff sniff.....and my fingers stinks. Smells like onion. heh.......must be from yesterdays cooking.


Anonymous said...

PR is interesting, and i strongly encourage it!

Doing sales is tough because of all the targets and such :(


Yeah, I hate SALES.
Never wanted to be in it. thank god.

Otto said...

I think media, advertising & PR look appealing to many people. Get to meet new people, perhaps even a famous person, attend big shoot parties blah blah blah... but I think it gets kinda tiring after sometime and you will discover that this is the one job that you have to etch a smile, even on days when you feel down.

Wait a minute... most jobs are like that... *wails*

chong y l said...


Come to KL, you like writHing & PR?
Mayhaps Desi can fit thee in
Pass the tape, let me take measurements hah?, you'll create a din!