Monday, April 10, 2006

Take away 1 Bruised Ego please?

Went to the battle fully armed with shining armour.
Came back battered, lost and lonely with a bruised ego.
How can my full proof business plan shatter within minutes of conversation by mere flipping of pages.
He did not even read the damn thing.

the heart. Its sore.

the underlinks....they have it too easy. they have no idea how cruel and monsterous upper management can be.......

sniff sniff

its alrite if you dont understand. You wouldn't. I'm just broken. my pride. my confidence......its a million pieces.
there's a tugging pain.
though i may seem tough outwardly, inside i just want to cry. I bit my tounge and held back the tears. Brave thyself my poor poor self. do not be weary, just pick up the pieces. pick them all up. a million of em. just pick them up. sigh.


Anonymous said...

bruises will heal. Hang in there. *hugs*

You've always been a tough gal. Before you know it, you'll be blowing the minds off those upper management drones with your comeback. :)

mystic said...

*hugs* hang in sure things will be okay. Might sound mean, but bruises are makes u tougher to take on the next war right?

caffeinated said...

Haha. Poor dear.

I remember a presentation I had to a potential client. It was the final stage. I was to meet the senior manager.

My confidence just shattered when this intimidating bengali walked in. I don't know why. I started stammering.

I'm sure this doesn't quite relate to what you went through, but'll be fine, I know :)

a distant friend

Fashionasia said...

SC: hugsss!!! your school meme makes me feel nostalgic. I'd like to say that those times were the bestest time in life!! thanks for believing in me

mystic: hugss!! thanks for the encouragement.

oblivion: so far i have no problems handling clients or potentials alike. Its the bosses that are mean. the clients love me :> but bosses a.k.a no.1 in position never sees that...he only sees numbers.


Anonymous said...

chin up dear - the world is cruel but we'll help you hang in there, ok? take care - there will be other battles!


Hi Fashionasia,
SOrry wasn't here earlier.
Hope the one day break brought you a bit of sunshine...
Hope you're feeling better.