Friday, April 07, 2006

Make-up classes in PJ

My dear fellow readers,

I would say that make-up is essential to bring the best in you, therefore make-up skills should be learnt and put into practice. Hey you dont just buy an eyeshadow pallete and start painting your eyelids with rainbow color...spit spot and out you go okay.....It is not that easy.

Plus, putting on eyeshadow needs some skills if you dont want to look like a clown. Serious, if i havent been through make-up lessons, i wouldnt think so that way but after I've actually learnt and pick-up make-up skills from some fashion guru's (some 8 years ago), i wouldnt have learnt all the tricks to make your nose sharper, eyes wider, cheekbones higher......etc...etc... and all those neat stuffs.

Since 1 of my fellow reader is conducting a make-up class, i thought that oh well, maybe you guys might wanna pick up some skills like which brush is for the lips and which type of brush is for the eyes and which is the blusher brush and which is the powder to apply proper make-up like should the foundation go on first or wat?? kekeke....

So........ my dahlinggsss....if you are interested, our lovely la' fammefatale n her friend is conducting make-up classes in PJ on the 16th April. Those interested pls drop her an email at :

ps. i havent been to femmefatale's classes, but if you do we'd like to hear your comments. :>



Have a great weekend!! Cheerio!!


Anonymous said...

totally agreed! :)

Miki-C said...

Hey, this is my kind of class! How much is your femmefatale charging for the class?

Anonymous said...

hey dear, you've been nominated into the Top 10 list :)

Anonymous said...

I would love too... too bad I can't make it.