Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I think I'm a dem good wife because......

here is my first bimbotic post la.......
But lemme enjoy the limelight for a moment while I'm in bliss mode hor.

here goes....

I think i'm a dem good wifey because:
  • I can cook and bake pretty well i must say.
  • I get along well with all his family members, they heart me to bits.
  • I can play the piano to entertain
  • I'm his barber (he havent been to one since 5 yrs ago when ive been appointed as his personal stylist...kekekke)
  • I even do his nails.
  • I'm good with computers. Very handy
  • I don't mind to drive so i can be a chauffer too
  • I never ask for money.
  • I never ask howmuch he makes. I make sure i make enough for my expenses, of course when he pays i getto save or i getto spend more lo!! hehe
  • I don't like to control , I let him make the decision. :)
Yey!! So i guess the real reason why i'm putting this down is so that I can remind myself and that I won't loose these virtues in time to come. Lord grant me grace to stay humble and remain as such.


irenekay said...

what a perfect wife!!!!!

serious... i'm not even close to that (except that i like to cook myself too, and i'm pretty close to his family member too) when you gotta open the 'wife in training' school???

S-Kay said...

wah...i also must make one list like that lah next time i get married =P

Jeremy C said...

darn...should've met you earlier... :(

mystic said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can bake & cook ah??? can teach ah? hehe i can cook lah but not good enuff to impress :(