Friday, December 23, 2005

New Year Resolution 2006

I think everyone should make a list so here is mine.

  • Get a new job
  • Cut down on junk food and eat more vege
  • Loose 5kg (eh i think every women have this on the list! rite not??)
  • Eat more vitamins, regularly
  • Exercise more often! Go swimming once a week, except for womens time
  • Cook more often
  • Be more prayerful
  • Go for honeymoon
  • A shopping trip to hongkong/china
  • Plan for a baby in 2007........kekekeke
Blessed Christmas n Happy New Year ya'll!!!


Anonymous said...

Wah..lose 5 kgs? My list would prolly have - Maintain current weight. LOL. Plan for baby? 2 years after plan also abit like yours...I mean, after I get married lah of course

Jeremy C said...

hmm...good resolutions. mine never come true :(

mystic said...

ello...wah one shot so many entries else totally no haf :P glad u had a good xmas :) so did i...hehee