Monday, December 19, 2005

SPA-cial Treatment

I was treated to a spa yesterday. It was my first time. I was very jakun because i don't know what to do. hehe.....the assistance was great tho, they told me what to do from stripping.....opps i mean changing to showering to wearing what and all that jazz. It was incredible!! I did a manicure and padicure again, Only did it like a week ago and I did it again yesterday. I am so spoilt!!!! Anyway since i was sponsored i thought why not......... I spotted a lovely color. favourite Lilac. My hands n feet are soooo prettyyyy now!

Oh ya.....which reminds me of the actual intention of my post today is to ask you girls out there where on earth can i find this PAUL & JOE cosmetics??!!! In KL i mean, I've heard of them but i never knew i can find them in Malaysia yet. Was reading 1 of the magazines there and i saw the perfect lipgloss that i must try!! I'm going shopping tonight for christmas presents. Hopefully i can find this baby as a gift to myself! hehe.



Jeremy C said...

!st time doing spa? Girl, u dunno what you've been missing :) Spa treatment is simply heavenly :P

irenekay said...

hey girl....congrats on your live at the next level....:)

I think you can find paul and joe in....errrr....KLCC parkson grand??/ isetan i think?

Fashionasia said...

jeremy: now i know lah!!

Irenekay: Thanks! shall look it up!

Anonymous said...

Eh...speaking of Paul & Joe'll love HK alot man! Their cosmetics brands all berlambak for you to choose!

Anonymous said...

Metrojaya MidValley got Paul & Joe. I love their packaging!

Reta said...

spa is the way to a girl's heart.. =P