Tuesday, April 02, 2013

1 Year hiatus

Wow, i cant believe ive neglected this blog for 1 whole year!!
Anyway, it had been a roller coaster ride for me for the past one year, i can't even begin to tell how much i went through. It was torturous emotionally and physically draining too. Well, i finally found myself recovering after a year....I've finally come out of my depression. I sure hope to be able to update this blog more often from now. I recently bought myself some great stuffs(beauty products) and am feeling good about myself too.
And most importantly manage to shed off my pregnancy weight! all 18kgs of them! yay!! And now some more to shed because I wasn't exactly thin to begin with...haha. Hopefully will be able to loose another 10kg to reach my goal for the year! Ganbatte fash!!

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Anonymous said...


1 year is a long time indeed, we would love for you to blog for us. Please contact me at

I hope to hear from you! ^^