Friday, October 25, 2013

Reviving Post(Hopefully)

Hi blog, wow you sure are dusty. haha....sorry for neglecting you for so long. Here is a reviving post (hopefully).

Anyway, recently i've found some great products. Since both my girls are asleep now, its the perfect time to blog. And since i did take pictures not long ago, here goes nothing. (Here is me procrastinating my REAL job)

First up: From My Beauty Diary. The Sweet Teatime Mini Set!
I bought this from MaskSlim, Tropicana City Mall. Priced very reasonably at RM29.90. It comes with 2 Masks, 1 Facial Scrub and 1 Facial Wash. Though its "mini", it is a pretty sensible size. They smell great. Mostly smell like dessert! So far ive tried the facial wash that comes in a mini tub. And the facial scrub that is in mousse form.  Both smell nice and is great to use.
I don't know if it is just me but i think they mixed up the scrub and wash. Because the facial wash in the tub consist of grainy texture similar to scrubs where-as the mousse is just foam. Anyhow, just use them alternately and you'd be fine. :)

Second up, I found this lovely looking lipbalm from The Face Shop. Actually they have 2 types. 1 Strawberry and another is chocolate(i think). And it is so cute! Can u see the girl kissing? Ya, the other one is a boy kissing back.  Should have bought the other one as well. This strawberry flavoured is lightly tinting so it gives a little pink hue when glide on. Love it!

OK, thats all for beauty update. Thanks for sticking around. :)

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