Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome Baby!

So i delivered my 2nd baby! :)
She's another princess! She is strong and healthy praise God! and she has a really high nose ridge, it was the first thing i saw when i see her.
Other than that, she has been such a cries for no reason. Such a peaceful girl she is. Baby will be turning 3 months old soon and have been putting on some healthy weight.

As for mommy, I have put on around 18kg for this pregnancy. After delivery, only deduct 6kg! haha.....Now i need to shed off 12 extra kgs!! Not to mention, i wasn't exactly "slim" when i got pregnant to work harder to shed the pounds!

Okie doks, thats all for now. Hope to update again soon.


Mumsgather said...

Just happened to catch this on my reader. How time flies. 2nd one already? Congrats. Psst. I'm still trying to lose my pregnancy pounds and my kids are 8 and 10 now. See, I told you time flies.

SuperMom said...

Congratulations! Nice to know that another fellow blogger has a No. 2 too :)

Enjoy confinement and all the best being a Mom of 2 hehehe

Corinna J. Hale said...

congratulations, you've got another angel for life!

Australian Designer said...

Congratulations dear..:)