Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two New BBcream (Elianto and Silkygirl)

I love my skinfood BBcream the most as i believed it helped clear my breakouts.
However, I still like to experiment on new BBcreams. For the recent months, i had tried out 2.
The first one is what i got from Elianto. There are two types of BBcream. 1 is the normal tube type and the other is the one i got, which is the balm type. The reason i got the latter is because I was really looking for something that is waterproof and does not smear. The SA told me that the balm is water resistent but the cream is not. Thus, I bought this to try.

Hm....I was quite disappointed with this one as the coverage is really very minimal. Though it does not smear after a sweat, but....the coverage is just too light that i still have to top it up with my Revlon foundation. I can even do without it as it cannot even act as a concealer. However, i perhaps will keep on using and see what happens later. Cos perhaps with all new balms....the top of the balm is still quite hard and difficult to scrap off the pack.

As for the silky girl BBcream, i bought it because I was curious, and also as with all silky girl product, very affordable. After a trial run, I really like that it is almost as heavy as a foundation thus the coverage is good enough to skip applying foundation. It also have a matt powdery finish which makes your skin look flawless. I like. to much disappointment for melts away too easily upon contact with water, which is a nono for me. I sweat buckets!! And i hate my makeup to smear!

As a mama to an infant, i only can afford to use waterproof make-up because I can't afford for my baby to accidentally touch my face and ended up eating all those chemicals. So, Revlon Colorstay foundation is still my no.1 make-up of choice because it does not come off easily. In fact, it lasts for a whole day and even takes effort to remove them! But, i'm still looking for a BBcream that does that for me because I notice that the Revlon Colorstay(though i've been using it for perhaps 8yrs) makes me break-out. Like duh...i only noticed it recently after using for so many years! hehe

So...the quest is still on! Next on my shopping list.....BRTC!! :)

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candice said...

hello! i just want to know your update about the Elianto BB balm? could you e-mail it here?