Friday, August 21, 2009

5th Parenthood Expo is here!

The 5th Parenthood expo is here!!
Well, I don't think i will be going this year because I try to avoid crowded places.
I was there last year because I was then pregnant and needed to hunt for baby stuffs. I must say it is worth the visit as there are quite alot of sales going on. I bought my pureen "pregnancy" toothpaste at quite a bargain price. And I also bought some nursing bra from youhaveababy.I love them and i think the price is considerably cheaper than most others. I also love bra's from fabulousmom but the latter is a tad more expensive.....still comfy nontheless.

If you are pregnant i suggest to avoid crowded places. Get someone else to go for you lah. And for those with babies....better to leave them home. I remember someone told me her child got the HFMD during the fair..... pandai pandai lah....

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