Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Wedding to attend this weekend

Frankly speaking......i don't feel like attending any weddings now because of how i'm feeling about myself lately. But i have no choice......the groom is my "pet bro" from childhood and I have to go!
Argh.....i can't seem to fit into any of my dinner clothes anymore. Sigh...

Anyway....speaking of weddings.......... Kauai spa offers such great wedding packages. It sent my searching for Kapaa!! haha...I had no idea where it was untill now. Well, sort of. I think its in Hawaii!! Ooooo i love hawaii themed weddings!! Its so relaxed and so beautiful!
For brides to be Kauai day spa have such wonderful packages. I love their bridal hair-do!
Look at this one. Its my favorite!

I think having a wedding some place exotic like Kauai is so romantic.
You need not have a big crowd....Just a small group of close friends and family. It would be wonderful! I think those people organizing the Kauai weddings sure needs to have a lot of passion for their job to make each wedding an unforgettable experience.

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blinka.Li said...

ierr, so nice la the hairdo!! I love it! so natural and so romantic looking! so elegant!!