Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dior's Warehouse Sales!!

Hey ladies!!!

The Dior Warehouse sales is here!!!

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I've been waiting for Dior warehouse sales for like forever!! I've only been to once. Though the selection was not alot, i did manage to buy quite a number of lip glosses at a bargain. I think its worth a go if you are free this weekend. Unfortunately i can't make it.....sigh....I would love to go. Dior's one of the better warehouse sales that I've been to.


Olive Poppy said...

Thanks for the heads up. gal. Never been to a warehouse sale so might swing by to have a look. Are the lip glosses or cosmetics new or samples?

Anonymous said...

Hi girl,
I love Dior, I have a closet full with limited edition palettes from Dior.. They are on my blog ;)
x Wendy

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, last week's. I missed it.