Saturday, May 17, 2008

[Wedding Planning Blog]

A lot of my friends are getting married these days. I have 1 more wedding to attend this month and another one next month....and many more to come too.

This era, the Internet is a very powerful source of information, and thus it is a very useful source for bride-to-be to prepare and find out about wedding preparations before the big day.

If you need wedding planning help,this site offers some great tips to help you conquer your wedding planning stress. But this site is written by the groom, so maybe there are some things that women are more particular than men. However, i'd say that he does cover quite a bit of details good enough for reference.

Many bride-to-be are getting smarter and smarter these days that they choose to prepare for their big day at least 1 year ahead. This gives them ample time to prepare every details to make the perfect wedding. I remember it only took me a couple of months to prepare for my wedding! haha......and actually there are quite a lot of nitty gritty details that needs to be taken care off! It is best to read and learn from other experience brides so that we don't make the same mistakes.

I think to me, the best way to conquer wedding day problems is to avoid having any expectations. Just have fun and go with the flow, don't fret over little hiccups and just enjoy the moment. This way, you will have a very enjoyable wedding.


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