Thursday, May 15, 2008

KATE Mascara Base

Before i do a proper review of my recent Maybelline purchase. I thought I'd wanna share this with you gals.
If you are like me== totally in love with KATE cosmetics!! You should go ahead to Watsons now because If you purchase anything above RM50, you'd get this Kate Mascara Base for FREE!! Totally FOC you gals!!
I think it is really value for purchase at this time in Watsons. I've always wanted to try out this Mascara Base because I want my lashes to appear longer and Mascara base is the trick.

Kate eyeshadow palettes are among my favorite eyeshadow palettes among drugstore products because of its price vs. quality. It is among the very few that is of a very good quality.
I would have bought KATE if i wasn't distracted by the Maybelline....hehe.....because i just finished watching the taiwanese tv talkshow raving about the Volum' Express! Anyway, Maybelline is giving out Free Lipstick too...and even Revlon is giving out free lipgloss over RM50 purchase....and i think perhaps L'oreal too. Only in Watsons!

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Anonymous said...

yesh KATE got pretty decent stuff at affordable price. Do review this soon :P but, i am so sad about my lashes, like i can never ever make them appear doll-looking, regardless of whatever mascara