Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reality Show, American Idol

When im not busy with my work, most of my time is spent downloading the latest episodes of reality shows from youtube to watch.

Currently following American Idol, America's Next Top Model (cycle 10 ok! 8tv is crap...only at cycle 7 neh!!!!)and also our local Malaysian Dreamgirl.

I must say that i just hate these voting system shows so much!!! argghhh.........This week, i'm very angry and disappointed over all the eliminations.... like...what da duck??!! All the good ones always gets eliminated. Gah!!!

I mean, Lets just talk about American Idol ok.
I was a little upset when Amanda was voted off.
Then I got REALLLY upset when Remielle got voted off (over Kristy Lee??!!)
And then Micheal Johns!!!!!! aiyohhh..........why is Kristy Lee even STILL there???!!! I don't get it......i know she is beautiful but really......she should be sent home wayyyy earlier.

My current favourites are, in that order:

1. Carly Smithson
2. Jason Castro
3. Brook White
4. David Cook

David archuletta is dwindling.... he was like....WOW! child prodigy in the beginning. But now, I'm kinda bored with his performance. He is boring. He needs to find a great song...else.

erm...Brook needs to step it up too. Getting boring n predictable.

I love Carly every time she sings! Although she has scary tattoos, but i don't understand why Simon didn't get her performance. I thought she was awesome every single time.

Jason Castro just blew me away with Hallelujah and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. He has the most dreamy gorgeous mesmerizing eyes!!! and what i like about him is that he is unique.

David Cook must be the most consistent performer and thus he deserves to be among the top.

I really love Remielle she is so likable!! and I actually digg the dolly parton song she sang, it kept ringing in my mind. hehe......too bad she is out.....and Micheal too. What a pitty.

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