Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Romantic Princess

Hi my dears!

So....what have i been up to (aside from being too busy with work to blog).
I've been busy watching this show on Youtube. It is SUPER ADDICTIVE ok!!!
Thats the reason for my previous post too...i'm addicted to that song.
And the songs kept ringing in me the whole day for days!!!!
If you like princessy stories and fantasy.....and romantic stories....this must be the show to watch!

Romantic Princess (公主小妹) Gong Zhu Xiao Mei, previously known as, Wo Jia Gong Zhu (我家公主), is a Taiwanese drama which aired every Sunday on CTV. The drama features Wu Zun and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit, and Angela Chang. The production is based on the shōjo manga Four Steps to Romance (ろまんす五段活用 Romance Godan Katsuyou?), by Kazuko Fujita.

Let me just say that I love ALL the main characters soo much...

Main Cast

  • Angela Zhang as Mai Qiu Sui (Huangfu Shan/Xiao Mai) 麥秋穗 (皇甫珊)
  • Wu Zun as Nan Feng Jin 南風瑾
  • Gu Bao Ming as Huangfu Xiong 皇甫雄
  • Calvin Chen as Nan Feng Cai 南風彩
  • George Hu as Nan Feng Lin 南風璘
  • Eric Lee Ang Lin as Nan Feng Ying 南風影
  • Genie Zhuo as Gong Mo Li 宮茱莉
  • Bu Xue Liang as Mai Cong Guang 麥聰光
  • Huang Jia Qian as Mai Ge Hao Wa 麥戈浩娃
  • Hsia Ching Ting as Yi Sen Chuan 伊森川

Angela Chang (who played the main character) is SOOOOOO pretty she is the epitome of the word "princess" She is soooo cute and bubbly....she looks good and pretty in anything. Her humongous eyes are so mesmerizing. If i am a guy, she is probably the type of gal i would fall in love with. No doubt!

The other 2 main character of the show must be

Wu Zun (as Nan Feng Jin) and Calvin as (Nan Feng Cai) both guys are from the sihging boy group called Fahrenheit. Both of them are stunningly GORGEOUS!!! I just love the way they dressed and look all gentlemanly and hunky in this show. Makes me go all dreamy doe a teenager...*grins*

The flow of the storyline is nothing special albeit the plot can be quite entertaining at that you never expected it to be that way.......but overall the story is very enjoyable.


Adopted by middle classed parents, Mai has always had a dream to be an heiress. Who knew that one day this dream would come true.

Mai's biological grandfather is the head of a prestigous aristocratic family and after many years of searching, he finally finds his long lost granddaughter.

As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement, however, everything seems a bit different from what she had imagined them to be.

The songs played along the series are very nice a catchy too.......

Neng Bu Neng Yong Gan Shuo Ai (能不能勇敢說愛) Can you Bravely Say Love by Angela Zhang
Le Yuan (樂園) Paradise by Angela Zhang
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Angela Zhang

I can't decide which guy i prefer. Wu zun (Jin) or Calvin (Cai). Both have different characters and both are the type of guys that i would find attractive. However, i prefer Jin in the beginning episodes when he is oh so cool and arrogant!! His cold shoulders.....and serious expression really makes a girl fall for him.....but the later episodes when he begin to show more emotions and smile alot and do some silly antics....i didn't quite like that side of him. I like the serious him!!! So handsomeeee hehe......he doesn't look as nice when he smile. :)
On the other hand, Cai's smile can totally melt a girls heart. He's got cute dimples!!! men with dimples.....Although he portrays a "playboy"....but he is the typical "bad boy" type that good girls ALWAYS fall for! ahaks....

ps. info from wikipedia, wiki d addicts, crunchyroll...etc...


Anonymous said...

i have finished watching this drama, angela is so princessy and make me so jeles of her

Anonymous said...

hi prettybeautiful: angela is soooo pretty hor?? i oso jealous ler...especially of her character in the show. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Angela. She so cute. :)

Donna said...

omg, i know this is an old post but this show is the only taiwanese show i've manage to watch frm start to end!

very addictive!!

i catched the show in

with subtitles too for those who can't understand chinese.


lily said...

yeah i agree with you..
In the first episodes jin is gorgeous <3
but then he becomes... i dunno... kinda soft..

&then cai becomes sooooooo cute, when he, xiao mai, jin & mo li go away 4 the weekend..
he's so kind to her..

like when she hasn't money to buy lunch @ school! (when mo li is already 'the real granddaughter')
when they all come to bring her food&&stuff
aww, i love them..

and angela...she's sooooooo pretty

but i still think they should've married.. (: