Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Body Shop Blushing Daisies

I went to The Body Shop recently because I have about RM40 rebates to spend.
I had in mind to get myself a new blusher and so after thoroughly looking through the make-up items. The only thing that caught my fancy was this Blushing Daisies blush. Although i only saw 1 color, which is the darker one, at the Curve outlet. I didn't know that they have a lighter shade.

I ALMOST bought it but it retails at RM79!!! That is abit too much to me for a blusher from Body Shop. I means, its not like they are Shu Eumura or a Dior. Its just a freaking body shop item! RM79??? for a blush?? well, ya i do have RM40 to spend but i just didn't figure that its a justifyable purchase. Thus, i left it at that, undecided.

I mean, I can get a gorgeous blush palette from Elianto at only RM18....
I need to know if its worth my money. Anyone bought them and think a world of it?

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Tine said...

Golly, so it's RM79 then. Far too expensive for a blush from the Body Shop, I reckon. It's going at AUD34.95 here, and I think that's highway robbery. For RM79, I'd rather buy a high-end brand of blush.