Thursday, March 13, 2008

Planning for a holiday

Hubby told me that if we want to go for a holiday this year....i better shove it in this month while he is moderately free. Otherwise, come April onwards....we might not be able to fit any holiday into his schedule.

So........ with only about 2 weeks can i plan for a good trip?!!!

But really, i thank God for the internet as Online booking really saves me alot of hassle.

One place that i would REALLY like to go is Hongkong. And I've been doing alot of research about it. is great for me to book my hotel. I want to stay in kowloon area because all i want to do is shop shop shop!!! And its a surprise to me that some of the hotels offered here at hotel reservations is much much cheaper than others i've found from other hotel booking sites!
For example, Regal Oriental Hotel is only 92USD!! So far the cheapest i've found before this is 106USD! thats a huge difference!
They currently have discounts up to 70% and promises lowest rate. I'm impressed!
Well....i'm off to check out if i can secure a flight because it is school holiday season and its not easy to plan in such short notice....

If i can't make it this round, i'd probably check out the vacation packages and plan in advance.

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