Thursday, March 13, 2008

Young boys who ask for sex from their young partners are really selfish!!

I was reading perezhilton and he touched about the topic of STDs...

"One in four teenage girls in the United States has a sexually-transmitted disease(STD)"

After reading about it......i feel compelled to write something about SEX and TEENAGERS. Because sometimes, the young souls can be CLUELESS as to what they are getting themselves into.

Especially these days when Sex is increasingly rampant in the society. Teenagers with raging hormones wants to "grow up" faster than their physical growth.

Marriage these days.....i heard someone was telling me that the people from bridal shops says that 8 out of 10 weddings these days are due to wedlock (marry because pregnant).
Personally, I've seen two young girls that i know of who got pregnant at a very young age and forced to get married. My cousin sister too. Not to mention 2 out of my close highschool mates also....and not forgetting my classmate when I was in form 2 dropped out of school because she got the number is alarming.

I am very disturbed at this fact because as i am in my late twenties now, i've learnt alot about health and evermore, i've done pap smear(thank God i'm fine). Only after I read-up about cervical cancer did i realize that I am blessed that i do not live a wild life.

Coming back to my title. Young boys with their ranging hormones who forces young girls to have sex with them are very very selfish because they have no clue of its adversity of the situation they could cause these girls. (girls who willingly have sex too are getting themselves into trouble....)

Do you know that of the 10,000 women diagnosed annually in the United States with cervical cancer, nearly 4,000 of them die from the disease(source:womens health)


Factors that put women at risk for developing cancer of the cervix include:

  • A high number of sexual partners, since this puts a woman at risk for developing hpv
  • Early sexual activity: becoming sexually active before the age of 18 increases the risk of cervical cancer. This is because immature cells are more vulnerable to the cell mutation caused by HPV
  • STDs: having other sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia or HIV/AIDS also puts you at greater risk
  • Smoking: smoking results in a greater chance of the cell mutation related to cervical cancer
  • Weak immune system: many women who contract HPV never develop cervical cancer while a weakened immune system caused by another health condition increases the risk of HPV infection leading to cervical cancer

I hope the point highlighted above will ding into teenagers head. I hope this little blog post that I've written will be educational for the young ones who read and stumbled upon my humble blog because........i feel very sad for those who are ignorant.

Sex can wont regret it.

ps. This is not a sponsored post. It is written from the heart because I care...

luv luv,


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Anonymous said...

Hi Fashionasia,

Yes you are right about the sex and teens these days. Is a pity to see many young couples out have shot gun marriage - I think this is the word you are looking for and not wedlock.

True, but at least they got married to save their name and child name and family name. But do remember there are some who just have to give up the baby an innocent soul.

Good topic.