Saturday, March 29, 2008

Makeup/Skincare Don'ts tagged by Ms.Beautyholics
I think its interesting to read about other's beauty nono's too....although it would be easier for me if we are talking about fashion crimes!! haaha...but....lemme try this

My Five Must-NOT Have Items

1. BRIGHT RED Lipstick
OK, confession. I loathe Bright Red Lipsticks.....most of my lipsticks collection are Pink, Nude, Brown, Rose, purple..........But no BRIGHT RED. I just can't stand them, makes me feel SOOOOOOO old school with red lipstick. I also think that red lipsticks makes people look older. But....well, as I AM getting older.......its getting more and more acceptable to me now ...who knows in a couple of years i might just go gaga over red? *shrugs*

2. Pink Eyeshadow
Pink eyeshadow. As much as i adore the color, it does not go well with my skin color. Somehow when i put on pink eyeshadow i would look like i was beaten up by my husband like that....

3. Smelly Shampoo or hair products
My hair MUST smell good at all times. It comes with the pet name my husband gave me. I'm "The fragrant princess". My hair always whiff out great smells. (tip: Sunsilk!) Whenever I try new shampoos or any hair care products, i must make sure they smell great. If they smell like herbs or medicine, forget it man! I won't buy them even if they are the best products in the whole wide world... nah'ah won't buy them...

4. 1 dollar china make-up from who knows where
I will never ever buy those make-up from unknown brands...especially something like Meiling or Fei Fei or something like that. I can't trust my face on those stuffs.....sorry.

5. Imitation Make-up
I never knew it exist until I saw 1 EXACT replica of Maybelline XXL Mascara!!! wow......those China people really can imitate anything.

Five Biggest Makeup/Skincare Crimes

1. Mix and matching too many types of facial products
- Skincare are not like make-ups where you can simply mix and match. It is best that you don't mix and match facial care products as the skin reacts differently to different products. I often make this mistake that i buy too many types of facial products to use and ended up using various types on different days.......which is bad. Because this way, you are not giving the product enough time to show results and totally end up wasting a whole lot of money on top of spoiling your own skin. (Tip:Use one product at a time. Buy a new one only when you finish them.)

2. Pinch,squeeze,touch my pimples
sigh...bad habit....i can't stand ripe pimples that i must squeeze them.
Ggrrrrrrrr.....i always unconsciously touch my face all the time and......because our fingers are normally causes breakouts......gawd why am i still suffering from breakouts at this ancient age!???

3. Clumsily matched foundation
Well, sometimes i do make this mistake too especially when i buy new foundation and not quite sure of the tone. This is my peeves!! Wrong foundation color!!! I hate to see pretty women putting on makeup but is oblivious to the fact that their foundation is 2 tone lighter(or darker) than it should be...... duh....can easily see the contrast btwn your neck and your face loh.

4. Goes to bed without totally washing off all my make-up
A BIG nono......but sometimes I do that too when I am just too tired and konked out.........i even forget to take off my lenses sometimes. Bad bad bad.....Never ever do that......

5. Untouched eyebrows
Especially ladies with bushy brows.........trim trim trim...
But i for one is very bad at this. I dont know how yo shape my brows properly and i am very lazy to do it too. I wish i don't have to do my brows and go get myself inked(tattoo brows). But i don't like the looks of that either....too fake....

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Tine said...

Hey, thanks for doing the tag :)

I agree with you on the 1-dollar-china makeup. I wouldn't have that crap on my face either. Plus the names are just so cheapo-sounding :P