Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home Makeover!

I've just recently been invited to the hubby's friends house. The couple just moved into a new Semi-D. And the place was huge! They have very minimal junks and mostly are new furnitures. Needless to say, their house looked so nice and neat. While visiting other's house, i couldn't help but to think about my own home. OMG. the amount of junks we have accumulated over the years. Not forgetting the old folks that likes to keep old junks....sigh...when can my house look as nice as theirs??? I really really do need a house make-over. You know, something like what you see on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Well, if you are like me. You're in luck!! You have the chance to Win a $20,000 Renuzit TriScents Home Makeover! $20,000 dollars is worth A LOT! If i have $20,000 I know exactly how to use it! Firstly i can build a huge build-in wardrobe. Then i would attach a slider door with mirrors to make my room look bigger. Buy some cabinets to store unsightly junks. Then we need a kitchen cabinet for more of our junks in the kitchen.

The contest is very easy to participate in.
Just register with TriScents. Then submit an entry into the Promotion by creating and uploading your own video file, photo file and essay by typing the submission into the free-form text field included on the Promotion web page. VIDEO FORMAT MUST BE IN MOV OR WMV. VIDEO NOT TO EXCEED 2 MINUTES IN LENGTH AND 20 MEGABYTES IN SIZE. PHOTO FORMAT MUST BE JPG OR GIF WITH A MAXIMUM SIZE OF 500KB. ESSAYS MUST BE WRITTEN IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH A MAXIMUM OF 250 WORDS.

To be eligible, submissions must include a video or photo and essay showing and explaining why your home needs a makeover from Renuzit Tri Scents and Tanya Memme.

Entries will be judged on convincing explanation and demonstration of why your home needs a makeover and why Renuzit TriScents can help. You must visually show your home to be eligible.

250 words is easy peasy. If you need a home makeover...start on your video now!!

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