Wednesday, April 02, 2008

still waiting for my 2nd parcel....

I've been waiting to write my "Online Shopping Part 2" post....i'm sure some of you are still waiting. I have part 1 so there should be a part 2 right?
Part 2 is suppose to be about my purchase from Strawberrynet. However.......there is 2 parts in part 2 too!! confusing. But anyway, the story goes like this.

I bought some stuffs from strawberrynet. 2 cosmetic items and 1 perfume.
Somehow, I only received my 2 cosmetic items. Which is my shueumura lipstick and my Anna sui mascara. I also got my free Lancolm lipstick which i ADORE!! VERY PRETTY PINK!!! love it!! If you want to try out strawberrynet you should now when new customers will receive 1 FREE lancolm lipstick!

FREE Lancome lip color with any purchase over $25 USD at StrawberryNET (new customers only, while supplies last).

Cut back to my story....
So, there is 1 item missing, which is my CK be EDT.
Since it is perfume, the shipping charges were different. I had to top up additional USD4 i think for that shipping. So, since i have to pay differently for the perfume, i can accept that i might be receiving the parcel separately. However, until today i still have yet to receive my parcel. Seriously i'm getting abit worried. I'm not sure what happened to my parcel. Was it stuck at customs or lost at POS Malaysia or what...... I made my order on 17th March. I received my cosmetics only after a week or so...which is very now i'm still waiting for my perfume.
I hope it will come soon........then i get to post my Part 2 .

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