Thursday, April 03, 2008

Online Shopping : Part 2

The final parcel arrived yesterday! yoohoo!! I'm soooooooo happy to see my CK Be edt i sprayed them generously over my bed sheet....and even the toilet. hehe....after I spent an hour brushing and washing of course.....*wipe sweat*.

So, speaking of the devil. Haha...the postman arrived at my doorstep just an hour or so after my previous post. And I finally received my precious CK Be EDT.

One thing i genuinely like about
is that they are so professional in their packaging. They have their signature purple color ribbons over the percels. I can now identify parcels from them from a mile. On top of that, they make great gifts too as most items are nicely wrapped up in silver wrapping paper. I'm very happy with my purchase because they are much cheaper than buying them from beauty counters. Plus, being my first time purchase, I had my Lancolm lipstick FREE!(if purchased above USD25) You know this free item is currently my favourite lipstick!!! Its so soft and glides smoothly on my lips. The color looked pale but when applied on my lips doesn't look pale at all! It is pinkish.....very natural and good to pair with casual ware. See the picture below, the one in black is the free lipstick. Full Size man!!!

This picture above are the first loot that arrived. Plus, you get free shipping for all cosmetics items.... But fragrances are handled differently so it incurred slightly more for shipping. But all is worth it. Free shipping already is worth it. Because I've tried to do some online shopping but right up till the end where they calculated the shipping cost for me! my gawd...totally turn me off and so the purchase was abandoned.

Click here if you want to grab the lipstick. But fret not, they always have different giveaways. Previously was Stilla lipstick!! equally awesome. ;)

FREE Lancome lip color with any purchase over $25 USD at StrawberryNET (new customers only, while supplies last).


My Rantings said...

Sounds really good leh! Might try it then. Sure cheaper than beauty counters ah? :)

Anonymous said...

strawberry net doesnt have malaysia listed as part of the countries they delivered to, hw did u arrange for ur delivery???

Anonymous said...

dQ: yupyup..look for promo items...sometimes they have 50% off somemore....u can check out the counter price first...then if strawberrynet is cheaper ma buy online lo. Im not sure about my shueumura lippy nor the anna sui la but my CK be i check out sasa about RM155(or more) and at strawberrynet its about = RM 130

anonymous: have you tried to buy from strawberrynet? Yes they do ship to Malaysia. wonder why you said it does not list malaysia because i know of many malaysians who orders frm strawberrynet lo....shipping is cheap cos they send over from hongkong.

Anonymous said...

thanks dear.. i'll try that!

Anonymous said...

hi fashionasia...been following ur blog..very interesting esp the curlers u bought fr SASA. N ur hair God!! So thick n black n so gorgeous!!!!!
Btw, how long u waited for StrawberryNet to deliver ur parcel??? Need to know roughly cos mayb i want to buy fr them too...thanks to u la....

Anonymous said...

baby_leen2004: hi!! thanks for ur lovely comments about my hair. haha..make me feel much better after my previous episodes. I received my make-up in less than 2 weeks! but the perfume i received slightly over 2 weeks. ps. if u r buying, click on my banner to go there la at least la i dapat referal fee. kekeke but now no more lancolm lipstick. Got stila!