Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Body Shop-Oil Free Foundation SPF 15

I'm currently using Revlon Colorstay foundation, which is by far THE BEST foundation ever! So i'd be using it as a benchmark whenever i try other foundations.

I prefer liquid foundation as to cream because it spreads easier and covers better.
I wanted to try out this oil free foundation from the body shop and as i am a member, i was entitled to 20% discount at that time of purchase so i went for it.

After using it, i realize that this foundation is pretty good. I like it at that it doesn't feel heavy on my skin when i apply it. It smoothen out evenly and easily across the face. I don' feel like putting on a thick layer of stuffs on my face but yet it manage to cover-up spots and troubled areas much to my delight. It doesn't smell and gives a matte, shine free finish.

As much as i loveeee this foundation, the only down side about it is that it washes off easily. A weee bit tooo easily for me. My face practically melted when in touch with water. Sooooooo, i panicked whenever i felt sweaty for fear that my make-up will look ruin.... which is such a pity because i like the texture of this foundation so much! if only it is water-proof! or at least a little bit water resistant. It would be perfect!

Priced at RM65 for 30ml, i find that a little steep as Revlon colorstay is about RM55. However, with 20% discount, it came to about just the right price i would pay for a foundation.


Anonymous said...

I have lots of foundations, actually, and I have to say that Revlon works great on my skin. But it's not first on my list, though. Body Shop ones don't really suit me, unfortunately.


p.s/ nice finding your blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! :)

Fashionasia said...

adlina: hey there! thanks for dropping by....u r frm my kampung! ;)

jemima: happy new year to u too dear!!