Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Beauty and Fashion Resolution 2008

Inspired by sephora, im gonna make my own beauty and fashion resolution for 2008. Here goes:

1. I will pamper my face with better beauty products (age is catching up...gotta do what it takes)
2. I will learn how to shape my eyebrows (i suck...and i hate doing it)
3. I will use more colours (my shadows are so boring........i hardly touch color pallets)
4. I will find the ultimate mascara (anyone tried the Jessica Alba 3D mascara frm revlon yet)
5. I will work harder to afford myself a designer handbag (I want a burberry)
6. I will be more diligent in my beauty regime...
7. I will stop buying more trash and buy more quality clothes instead of quantity....
8. Find THE comfortable working shoe
9. Start using lotion on a daily basis
10. loose 10 pounds (duh!!....its on the list every year...hehe)

Happy New Year 2008 luvs!!!

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