Friday, November 09, 2007

Garnier Light Gentle Clarifying Foam

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This is the Garnier Light Gentle Clarifying Foam.
I have been using Estee Lauder perfectly clean facial wash daily. They retail at about RM80.
As im running out of it, i've decided to grab something while I was at the local pharmacy.
As i've been seeing Zhangziyi on TV for garnier commercials and i thought hmm....garnier....some brand that never caught my attention before....perhaps i should give it a i bought a small tube at about RM5.90 (i think....cant remember exactly).

After trying them for a few weeks now, i think its quite alrite....the scent is of lemon, but not too strong so you dont feel like you're washing your face with dishwasher! aha!...that was what i think of lemon scented facial washes.......My skin felt clean n fresh after a wash and the best thing about it would be the cheap price tag!
Overall i'd give it a 3.5/5 rating. Wouldnt have bought it if it werent because of zhangzixi! hehe...gotta love her skin.

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Anonymous said...


I am wondering if you know/heard of the brand : Cellnique. I have just started using and you can see some improvement to your skin. But the skin care is very expensive... I hope it will last me for some time.


ps: I do read your blog from time to time to gain some useful tips and insights.

Fashionasia said...

Thanks for dropping by.
U know, ya ive heard about cellnique! been meaning to give it a try since ive heard so much about them frm my fellow beauty addicts...perhaps id try with the starter pack they r selling over at sasa. :)

Anonymous said...

Think another good one is Neutrogena. Love the daily scrub!! Been using that for so long already.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Thanks for replying. Really appreciate it. Well honestly I have been using SIMPLE range for the past 10years and I guess it is time to change, my facial skin has gone from good, ok, not so good, to bad... breakouts, long pimples (those which never go away, from white head to pus like - well that was what the beautician told me)

So I read a few blogs including yours and somehow I met the staff of Cellnique during work, and my cousin sis also uses Cellnique for some time now (apparently Cellnique have been around for the past 5yrs) and now slowly entering the retails.

That staff of Cellnique told me to go to the authorized facial parlour which is in SS2 - Beaunique. And so I tried.

Not too bad. Well you can't see all 100% improvement, but it did look better. pimples and white heads and what have you all clear up. Sadly I don't know what the long term effect will be.

Some of the post-facial extraction effect still linger on. But so far is ok. I hate extraction hence never did facial until now. Late 20s. I know is a pretty late start.

Pls do note that the products you purchase at facial centre and sasa/guardian are different.

Paramedical range are those from salon. Those in guardian are something else, can't remember the name.

I rec you go to Beaunique. Is rm49.90 for first time facial and there after you can try their package if you are happy. Is not too bad, RM350 for 5 session. including eye brow trimming, mini massage and etc.

The starter pack for Normal Skin is rm179. Last you 2 weeks+. The cleanser and sunblock will last longer 2mths+.

Or you can find the nearest authorized centre at

best of luck! and anyone who contribute here, pls do share and discuss the Cellnique brand. I've spend RM1230. 6session of facial, starter pack, and the full set now. Their sunblock spf20 tinted is a very useful product. covers your acne marks and block your skin from sun. I hope it can last me long.hopefully 6mths kua...

Anonymous said...

hmm ... i tried this cleanser too ...
didn't like it too much myself. but been meaning to try the scrub and whitening dew!

garnier sounds like an ok brand.

sunny said...

hey, just stumble upon this blog. I am owiz skeptical about garnier as it seems like it's very chemical like - bleaching your skin?

Anyway, any updates about Cellnique products? i google about and found their fan page... n just join. amazingly lots of international fans.

OC said...

I just bought this today..Buy a bit confuse.. Is this facial wash or skin whitening cream..


Fashionasia said...

its a facial wash. aka cleanser.