Monday, November 26, 2007

Elianto One Touch Blusher

I must say that lately I'm falling in love with Elianto products more and more...
From the storefront and also the lovely Elianto product packagings, its really hard to believe that Elianto is our very own Malaysian product.

Recently I happen to drop by Putrajaya and Elianto have a storefront there. I like to drop by whenever i'm in alamanda because they have a pretty spread of nailcolors for only RM5 each.

This time around, I discovered a really cool product!! Which is the Elianto One Touch Blusher.
Truth is, i dont have alot of blushers.... I have one in ginger from beverly this little tub can go on forever....been using this for the past 10 yrs!! For pink, i use my dior compact. Other than that, I have my estee lauder which I have never touched before...and for carrying around, I have my favorite Loreal Delice. On lazy days I go without blushers but lately, i've make it a point for me to swipe some over my cheeks for some glow.

Take a look at my new elianto blusher. Its in shade 06 Brownee. I love the shade....very natural and easy to apply too. Just shake the tub a little and then dab it on your cheeks. Even out the colors and you're done. I love this innovative and unconventional packaging. And its cheap too! Only RM15 each! (less than USD5) For fellow beauty addicts.....Its definitely worth a buy.

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