Saturday, October 20, 2007

St Ives Clay Firming Mask

[source: amazon]

Sometime ago I reviewed St Ives Hydroxy "Peel-off" mask......though I hate the sticky feeling, i must say that i love the mask. However, i'm more of a "clay" person as i often prefer clay mask than the peel-off type. So recently when i was in guardian pharmacy i saw this mask near the counter going at some discounted price (sorry cant recall how much i bought it for!)

I must tell you, i love it. It doesn't cost a bomb and it can last pretty long. I keep mine inside my mini fridge to give it a tingling cooling sensation while i apply them. This facial mask is made with mineral clay which cleans deep while it firms and tightens the skin. I'm actually having them on while im typing this. :)

Rating: 8/10

Why I love it?: 1.Cheap 2. i just love clay

Why I hate it?: hmm......none at the moment

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Wuching said...

i can get some clay from my backyard, u want some?