Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sasa Lipstick

With so many lipticks in my possession, most of them are either in the color Nude or Pink.
1 or 2 in peachy orange, 1 or 2 in maroon. and only 1 in purplish tone which is one of my favourite Revlon Moisturestay in "Violet".

I was looking for a lipstick with the similar purple tone and eventually settled on this lippy frm Sasa brand. It wasn't exactly cheap at about RM26 or so. But I like the packaging.

If you look closely, the top of the lippy cap is a reflector that can be used as a small mirror. The color is very nice too. Apart from lipsticks I bought myself some other stuffs too....I'd probably review them seperately.

Happy Labour Day people and enjoy the holidays!!!


Wuching said...

*pinch lipsticks* draw colorful lines on fashionasia's face!

My Rantings said...

I like the colour of that lipstick! So pretty! :)

pam said...

i really love it this lipstick...i like the colour fit to my lips