Thursday, April 26, 2007

3-in-1 Warehouse Sale

I did not make it to the Dior warehouse sales last week. Was pretty upset about that but i had to fix my car so there wasn't any options....

So since today is a public holiday! Yey!
I coaxed hubby n tempted him by telling him about the Times warehouse sales.....cheeky me, actually I wanted to go to the Guardian's warehouse sales which was held at the same location. hehe...
So hubby wanted to go to Times warehouse, as usual he likes to go there because he get to buy his techie books at marked-down prices.

I had a ball of a time at the Guardian fair! Bought quite a lot of food stuffs.........
Beauty purchases includes Loreal Glam Shine Gold Holographic in "Gold Berry". Lovely color for the night. It was only RM13. About half of the usual selling price i reckon.

I also got another lippy by in2it at only RM4. It was the mega shine series that I wanted. If not mistaken, I almost bought it at about RM12 or something like RM4 was cool.

I was also happy with my Vo5 shampoo + conditioner purchases at RM6 each. (Usually i buy them around RM12.90)
Also got the vo5 hotoil as well as the leave on moisturizer at RM10 each.(usually about RM24 each)

I was delighted that instead of 2 warehouse sales there were 3 at the same location!!!! The GME branded warehouse sales was there too!! I have no idea why they were there because I thought they were suppose to be at Subang.

Anyhow, happy me. I manage to get my hands on some very comfortable hush puppies (from Japan) at RM70 for 2. So cheappppppppppp!!!! But sadly there weren't much choices nor sizes. Else i would have bought more than 2. There was this lady who kept holding on to THAT pair of shoes that i was eyeing on and at MY SIZE. She can't even fit into it properly. But after I politely told her that if she can't fit into it I would like to have it. She kept holding on to them........and finally after a good 15 minutes attempt squizing her size 7 feet into it, tells me that she is BUYING. sheeeshh......I dont understand some people. Cheap doesnt mean you should buy shoes 1 size smaller. You'd probably gonna regret it. Why not let someone else be happy with their purchases.....someone else like MEEEEE. I totally lingered there waiting for her to squeez her feet into those shoes.....oh poor shoes.

Studio shoes was going for RM10 each. I didn't buy any. I guess i have enough cheap&uncomfortable pretty shoes.
I also bought a Camel jacket for my Father-in-law. I think it suits him real well. I think its pretty cheap at RM60.

Totall damage for the day came to about RM300. Sorry no pictures. I borrowed my camera to my SIL.
But, if you like warehouse sales, i think its worth a visit. But parking is kinda hazardous.


My Rantings said...

hmm... wished I was there too. great retail therapy you had! :D

Wuching said...

get me some undies will ya?!

Fashionasia said...

dQ: pretty good haul i'd say!!

wuching: errr....i think i saw some undies...forgot wat brand was that....i think its camel??