Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Perfect Gift For a New Mom

I stumbled upon this website and I think these little charm pendants are so cute!!
Perfect for new Mom's !!!
Also, it can be a great Mother's day present.

There are more over at

I do feel that the price for 925 sterling silver is quite expensive!!


Anonymous said...

All my mum wants for Mother's Day from us siblings is our love for her & for one another. She doesn't want any material gifts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, FA. The above comment is meant for the last post.

Wuching said...

great! get it for her...& then u can borrow it & forget to return it!

chong y l said...

fashionista! Long time no se, no hear, can read for ONE minute ah?
YourPalindrm prize will be lady for call-kolek May 16, 2007 -- better steal, come to Lake iew Club May 19, 6pm to get signed Kopi!:)

PS: Good for newly weds -- got some "romantic" lines wan!:)

Fashionasia said...

jemima: thats a good wish frm ur mom.... make sure u guys give that to her then! :>

wuching: sometimes i do ended up owning the stuffs i bought for her!!

dear desi: how r u doing!! wat prize am i getting?? desi u launching a book or something!!!?