Thursday, May 10, 2007

DIY Clutches!!

Jezmine is one talented girl!!!!
Been reading her blog for quite sometime now and am always facinated by her style of fashion...
but what i love most are her creativity in making her signature DIY clutches!!!
OMG...they are sooooooo gorgeous.

Take a look at these, she custom make them according to your request!!! So lovely......

I love this glamour one ordered by lyana

I can see that Naddy ordered one too!! hehe.....


Anonymous said...

yeahh i got one from jezmine as well :)

btw, i think she cant mention anytg abt projec*t "r", so mebbe u have to edit that sentence.. ehehehe she sms-ed me earlier today about it..... :)

Fashionasia said...

ooops!!! ok i delete dah!!! :> thanks for informing me nad!

Wuching said...

very nice, can sell at market!

chong y l said...



Fashionasia said...
im going to watch MyFairLady on the 19th!!!! Sorry desi!!!

4:45 PM

desiderata said...

XXCuse is NO basis -- the publicity for our Bloggers Do went up more than a onth ago!
The truth is you are sked Desi will blow your cover:)
Page 1 gal/fairelady?
Make this ugly duck's heart go BUM, BUM!:):(

PS: If one fRiend of yours in dare on May 19 nite, ID him or herself and I'll pass the signed kopi! What? I oso dunno.

7:26 PM

CLUE: Able was I ere I saw Elba