Monday, May 07, 2007

Mothers Day This year - 13th May

Mother's day is around the corner.
I don't know if i've ever celebrated mother's day or if i've always celebrated mother's day!!
Sound confusing??
ya, because my mother's birthday always falls around mother's day (sometimes on the same day).
So, we've always celebrated moms birthday instead of mother's day, or perhaps celebrate 2-in-1 day.....

Anywayz, personally I never believed in all the marketing 'days' invented.
Valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, all souls day.....etc.....
You should REMEMBER your loved ones ALL YEAR ROUND damnit!!!not once a year!!
But then again, i'm not condemning the practice either because it is a good push for people who don't bother with their loved ones!! at least at those particular "day" they are obligated to do something.

For me now, being married means staying away from my parents. I've always been daddy's little girl n mummy's little girl. Of course that is because i am the ONLY girl lah!! We grew up closely knitted ......very fairy tale like family i'd say. Not that we live like royalties materially but fairy-tale-like as in we grew up HAPPY. I never once saw my parents in heated arguement. I treasure that very much as I realized there aren't many "happy families" in the real world.

I appreciate what memorable childhood my parents gave me and i vouch to give the same to my children too.
I absolutely believe that a happy childhood will mold a person into a cheerful person with positive outlook in life.

To all the mom's in the world. Happy mother's day!
Hopefully i'd getto celebrate it together with you guys next year!!!


Wuching said...

take your mama out to dinner!

My Rantings said...

In this day & age, a happy family is hard to come by. So cherish your family members like what you're doing now! May you have your own happy family! :D

Moi said...

Awww your family sounds so happy! It is hard to come by thesedays. My parents hate each other. But I love them both.

TH said...

That's true about the childhood thing. And yes, not all families are 'happy'. But I guess as long we remain positive, life's a rollercoaster ride :)

Btw, do I get a hint of sth else? ;) Have a nice week!