Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Normal eyedrops are not for contact lenses!

Renu Multiplus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops

If you are like me, my eyes gets dry and irritable often whenever I have my lenses on, especially while driving when the aircond blower blows directly to the eye. Experienced that?? ya....often i do.

Whenever I have my lenses on, I'd usually be having them on for more than 8 hours straight from morning till before I go to bed. Thus, towards the end of the day, the eyes tends to feel dry and lack of moisture.

I used to use normal eyedrops (like eyemo or optrex) to lubricate the eyes. But I've just recently found out that I'm not supposed to do that!! gulp!!....
Eyemo or optrex, those are for the eyes....and not for contact lenses.
Thus, I went to the pharmacy to look for contact lense specific lubricant.
In the end of the day, I found myself this from Bauch&Lomb. Renu multiplus drops.
The instruction says that it is for "soft contact lenses, including disposable lenses"
yey! exactly what I was looking for.

At first I was skeptical. Frankly I was looking for other brands...anything for Bauch&lomb...especially RENU!! hehe....ya la of course it is because of the re-call that happened last year. All because of the hoo-haa that happened in singapore. I used to use RENU sterile wash for my lenses as I tot they were the best brand around. Untill last year.....poor B&L, i suppose their sales must have decline much after the incident. I threw away all that I have left and bought myself some other cheap sterile solutions. hehe

Anyway, this eyedrop for lenses work well for me so far. Besides, its the only brand that have what I need. So untill i can find other brands that does the same function, RENU shall do.

Notes: Remember dont use normal eyedrops if you are wearing contact lenses!! also, dont use optrex while wearing lenses!!(you know those eye lotion that you pour into a tiny cup and rinse youre eyes) It also states that you are not suppose to use it 30 minutes prior to wearing your lenses.


My Rantings said...

What! You used Eye-mo while wearing contact lenses? Oh yo, luckily your eyes still OK!? :P

Just go and get your eyes lasered, then no worries already, just like me. :D

Anonymous said...

Good info! When I do need to use eye drops while wearing my contacts, I shall keep a lookout for the product that you've mentioned ;)

TH said...

The usual eyedrops has preservatives which might interact with the contact lens, giving rise to a possibility of damaging the lens worn.

You could also use preservative-free eye drops!

(Just a lil input)

Fashionasia said...

dancingqueen: wah! u also did lasik ah??? im tooo chicken to do it la...dun like the idea of having lasers "cut" my eyes!!

blissful.d: ya! dont use the normal types

twistedheels: thanks for the info!! i'll try to look around for "preservative-free" eye drops!

Anonymous said...

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