Thursday, April 12, 2007

Career development

Well...for those of u that have been following my little "corporate drama"
Yup...i've finally tendered my resignation and am feeling great about it!
At the mean time, I've received a letter of offer....with a much higher salary(yey for more shopping!!), shorter working hours, location which is much nearer to home.....better commission scheme....etc

Hope it's all good news!! yey!! can't wait!
Worst case scenario, if i can't take the presure is to quit within the probation period (just 1 day notice only mah).....
No harm trying lo.....


shawnchin said...

congrats :)

My Rantings said...

wow, higher pay, shorter hours, nearer to home! sounds really good!

congrats!! :D

Ianfluenza said...



I've tendered my resignation letter three weeks ago too... I'll start my new job next Wednesday..

All the best to you Miss FA!

paupau said...

Good luck in your new job ! :)

Wuching said...

lets go celebrate!

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you, FA. :)

I wish you the very best.


Fashionasia said...

shawn: thanks friend!! miss u lots!! did u came back recently ka?! aiya...y never gimme a call sombong...kekeke

dancingqueen: sounds good hor? but dunno ler about the job...try n see la...wish me luck!

ian: hey where have u been!! job too!! congrats!!!! ganbate!!cheerss!

paupau: very happy bout my decision too.... need all the luck i can get! thanks!

wuching: i celebrated by buying myself 2 new working job means excuses to buy new working clothes looo

jemima: thanks babe!! hope i made the right move...hugsss!!

shawnchin said...

kaming bek end of May. Had to postpone holiday. Will call u then lah. Your number still same rite?

Fashionasia said...

yup...the 012 number...the 016 number nomore liao..
threat u yummy dinner!! :>