Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kate My Color Shadow

Recently, If you noticed, there is a new cosmetic brand in Malaysia called "Kate" .
Kate is from japan, a brand name under Kanebo cosmetics.

I must say that I'm quite interested in Kate's products especially their eye-range. I find that their eyeshadow palletes are gorgeous with strong defined colors and combinations.

I bought their MyColor Shadow. Which actually, to me is kinda expensive because I have to buy the holder saperately and 2 colors that I can place on the holders. The holder itself cost about RM5++. Then the individual colors about RM15++ each. So its rather expensive. However, I like the shadow-sticks because it is so easy to bring along. Its just like the size of a pen.

I really love the shadow colors. I bought a black, brown and bronze for a more natural color. The Black seems to be very popular as it was snapped up so fast and I had to wait like 2 weeks to get it. Dropped by a couple of sasa outlets and still couldnt find it.

Though I like the color as it is very soft and subtle. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the black. I'd like for it to be alot darker so that I can skip the liners and just use it as is. But it is not dark enough for me.

The girl from the Sasa Bangsar introduced me to this pallete

I almost bought it because she thought me a really lovely way to make smokey-eyes with the palletes. But sadly, they were out of the color that I wanted.

Oh well, probably will try it out if I happend to find any Kate counters. Kate is now available in Malaysia in all Sasa outlets, Watsons too. I also saw a counter at U-Parkson.

After browsing the website, I'm absolutely tempted to try out their liners too

and the girls were talking about how the white liners can amazingly enlarge your eyes .....Will try that out too... :)

Kate at Kanebo website:


paupau said...

Thanks for the info! I was just getting curious about this brand.
I always find that Guardian and Watsons have very limited stock on this brand. Either they don't stock a lot or it's really popular that it's always sold out.

Anonymous said...

I've heard lots of good things about their eyeliner - budgeproof! I'm not a fan of their crayon liners though. The palettes are ok but not wow. However the new trio palettes are really good IMO. Those are worth getting!