Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya!!

I just got back today from a short getaway. So just in time to wish all my muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya!!! Also Happy deepavali (belated) to those celebrated it.

Today is 1st day of Raya. Traffic in KL is great!! I love it!! smooth sailing all the way...
Went to KLCC yesterday. Dropped by a little butik and got myself the loveliestttt chinadoll looking peep toe pumps in white and green....prob show u later....havent taken a picture of it. Its gorgeoussss.....
Also bought 2 chain belts from Isetan. Its dirt cheap at RM11 each.....I'm really into chain belts these days.
I also finally bought the Kate Liner and the shadow palletes that I featured in my previous post. :) Will do a review after I tried it.

Actually, I kidnapped my hubby yesterday and checked in to a hotel in the midst of the city!! hehe....
Totally cought him unexpected. Genius me!!
Its a suprise, a second birthday present from me. :)

Okie doks....having my dominos pizza......sorry diet...Im enjoying my food.


Naddy said...

shopping spree issit? ehehe upload pic of the new shoes soon :)

Anonymous said...

hi! great blog! love it. erm, i just want to ask you something...i`m 19 & believe it or not,ok, maybe you should,i never wore makeup..EVER..well, maybe a lipgloss but I want to know what kind of makeup is the best for beginners like me since I`m still not working & using my parents money? thanksss =)

Fashionasia said...

n: selamat hari raya 2 u!! hope u enjoy your week!!

anonymous: thanks for the lovely comment....will address your question in my next post okie!! :)