Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 17,18,19

Day 17

BF:1 slice of cheese sandwich
Lunch: 1 slice of cheese sandwich
Tea: too hungry by 3pm so bought some cucur udang. hehe
Dinner: Rice + sotong + vege

Day 18

BF: none
Branch: 2 rolls of pohpiah
Lunch: none
Dinner: I cooked Thai Green Curry prawns, Honey glazed pork ribs, stir friend brocolli & mushrooms

Day 19:
BF: 3 slice of biscuits
Lunch: none
Tea: 3 slice of biscuits
Dinner: (Same as yesterday, except the honey glazed pork ribs have turned into stew pork by placing them into the slowcooker) at Day 20, I have mix feelings.
Well, because I havent weighted myself so i'm not sure how i'm doing.
However, i feel much better, i think i look better too because my clothes are no-longer so tight.
But, I visited mom recently and she said I put on weight. :P boohoo

Well, lets give it another 10 days to see how's progress on Day 30.

I realized that my intake consist of ALOT of bread!! hehe....I love bread so I guess that contributes to alot of carbo. But the thing is, I'm don't mind the carb because i need the energy to keep me going for my day to day work. Anyway, will try to reduce my intake of bread and replace with something else.

Secondly, I think that I drink ALOT of water and that my weight and my buldges could be due to water retention.
I really need to flush out the fluids I wonder how can I achieve that.

Thirdly, we went to the curve the other day and the hubby seems to be interested in 1 of this home gym set thingy that costs about 8k! whoaa.....I secretly hope he will buy it so that I can also benefit from some work-out. hehehe....


Anonymous said...

ello :) how's the diet goin? dun eat too much commercial bread (i.e gardenia, hi 5 etc etc) coz they contain too much preservatives, propionic acid.... check out the article at my blog....

i love bread also but since a few months back i make my own bread... no more bread/buns from the shop...

Anonymous said...

FA, I read that if you skip meals, your body will instinctively kick into starvation mode and start storing fat. Agree with naddy about the bread, am planning to make my own bread this weekend :)

Wuching said...

i can predict whats gonna happen to this home gym thingy that ur interested in, u buy it, bring it home, use it for the first couple of weeks then left to gather dust for the rest of the year, then year turns to years..til u gave it away to ur nephew or nieces who wants to get an exercising machine!

Anonymous said...

or the exercise machine becomes a clothes hanger - voice of experience lol... Good luck anyway with your diet FA even if you don't need it (from what i see in your partial pic) :)

Refresh-in-One said...

i'm on my 1st day of detox n happened to stumble upon ur ssite..
exactly...easier said than done..
it's not the easiest thing to do!