Monday, September 25, 2006

Kawaii Dresses

I was browsing through ebay awhile ago looking for some nice sun dresses because i'm currently into buying dresses.

And I saw this

Soooo Kawaii!!! no??!!

hehe....I really want that dress!!! although I cant think of any occasion to wear it as yet.....
Perhaps to some costume party or a wedding I suppose.

I was dreaming of wearing it untill I saw the clause

"Free Size ~ Chest between 30 to 32'. More suitable for XS and S size body build. "

HaR???? XS???? *pooof* the bubble just burst on me...
where got FREE size fit XS only wann..........confirm I cannot fit la


welp....anyone out there XS size? go ahead and bid lah........oh and btw i hate u loh.....haha

While I was at it, I also saw a couple of others that is absolutely Kawaii with a capital K!!

Like this one............ which reminds me of some korean girl

oh and this must be my favourite........and I THINK I can fit into this one

And I do wish I can find a way to wear this in Malaysia

Wow....Didn't know can be so addictive!


Anonymous said...

Of the 3 dresses, I love the green with its accessories, too. :p

Btw, you can always way nothing underneath the coat & give a big surprise flash to your hubby one nite. LOL - I'm only joking! ;)
*runs away quickly before FA marah*

Anonymous said...

Even if you can't wear it, you can still buy it wut... Frame it, store it, leave it for your daughters (if you have) or even your nieces! Haha!

Sharon said...

be careful if you're buying any clothing made in korea (the words in the pictures are korean aren't they?)
The clothes might look mighty fine and nice and kawai bla bla but the material really aren't that good.
been there done that and i regretted so much :P

Anonymous said...

Wah, I can actually picture you in that first outfit bouncing around a grassy plain tending your sheep - it's so Little Bo-Peep-ish LOL.

Anonymous said...

yes, definitely a good idea :)

i think FA would really look hawt in one of them dresses! speaking of which, i'm so into fashion now after watching devil wears prada :)

nyonyapenang said...

buy the green one. very cantik wor.

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice dresses.

I've been wanting to buy dresses, but everytime I want to try one out, it's just really too huge for me and I'll walk out of the store disappointed :(

YC said...

babe, don't even think about getting those dresses.

i bought one cus its dirt cheap. with dirt cheap prices, i ended up getting dirt cheap looking chiffon dress that resembles one would buy from pasar malam.